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Those who demand that you confrom the most to how they live are the ones who are the most scared and intimidated by life. -Grace Jones 

So, I’m a nerd. I love inspiration, I love motivational, I love entrepreneurial, I love getting things done and I LOVEEEE checking them off of my to-do list. With that being said, I wanted to list my opinion of the top seven habits I’ve found to be undeviating throughout all of the #girlbosses I’ve fan-girled over and some that I’ve added as my own.

Disclaimer: Before I write this, I don’t mean to give women less credit than men as a “girl” or “lady” boss since we do not call men,”guy” bosses. I do, however, think there are beauty and power in being a female boss and I’m proud of that. We’ve come such a long way over the evolution of time and I appreciate, like, and admire the women who are both female and a boss at the same time. 

So, what’s a #GIRLBOSS?

A #GIRLBOSS is someone who’s in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants becuase she works for it. As a #GIRLBOSS, you take control and accept responsibility. You’re a fighter-you know when to throw punches and when to roll with them, but always on your own terms. You know where you’re going, but can’t do it without having some fun along the way. You value honesty over perfection. You ask questions. You take your life seriously, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re going to take over the world, and change it in the process. You’re a badass.” 

-Sophia Amoruso 

Without further ado, here are my top 7 #girlboss habits: 

  1. Overcome Adversity and Endeavor to Persevere 
    • My pawpaw taught me this one. Rule number one of being a girl boss is knowing that things will not always be perfect. They will actually almost never be perfect. If one thing is for certain, it’s that it there will always be challenges, hardships, stressors, etc. but overcoming them and endeavoring to persevere over these situations show true character and makes you stronger in the long run and as an individual. 
    • If you maintain your course to your desired goal through the doubts, risk, failures, criticism, adversity, rejection, and sacrifices you will eventually arrive at your destination. This is why perseverance is key. When it comes to our goals, the most important thing is to never stop. Confucius said, “It doesn’t matter how  slowly you go as long as you do not stop”.
  2.   Be Open Minded 
    • Be open minded and appreciate the differences in others. Being open-minded means to keep a clear perspective when talking to other people as well as listening to their viewpoints. We may not always agree with what they have to say (and that’s totally okay) but it’s interesting to see how they look at things which, in turn, broadens our perspective.
  3. Never Stop Learning 
    • Education isn’t over when we graduate but is a continuous process throughout all of our life. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” and I agree completely. You can never be too educated. It doesn’t always have to be about reading textbooks like we did in school but finding something new to learn out of each day, whether it’s changing a tire, cooking a new meal, etc..
    • I, personally, am a “self-help” and personal development JUNKIE to say the least so I try to listen to an hour of an audible in that field when I’m getting ready each morning. I absolutely LOVE learning new things. It energizes me and keeps me on my toes. However, it’s whatever works for you though.
  4. Prioritizing, Procrastination, and Balance
    • Fighting procrastination, prioritizing tasks, and finding a work-life and social balance is essential to keeping everything in life together and the key to feeling less stressed. When I’m getting my day started, I write a list of things that HAVE to be completed by the end of the day and use Mel Robbins’ “5-Second Rule” to beat procrastination when I’m just not feeling it. The rule is pretty simple, for the things I don’t actually want to do I count down “5-4-3-2-1” and just get it done. I know it kind’ve sounds a little corny but it works for me. There’s always going to be things that we don’t “feel” like doing, so counting down gets me out of my head and into my tasks.
    • Balance is also a big one for me. I’m the person that likes to “power through” with no breaks until I get to where I want to be. But you can only run on 100 MPH for so long before you run out of gas. I’m notorious for going and going and going for months until I hit a spot where I sleep and am literally a couch potato for a week/weekend. I learned the hard way that balance is essential to performing at our best. So in order to do so, I schedule in certain times for tasks so that I’m able to effectively balance my day job, my side hustles, boyfriend/friends, family, and of course my “Drue” time 😉
  5. Get Things Done
    • Just do the dang thing! There is seriously nothing better than checking something off my “to-do” list I swear. The most succesful people always have goals and are always tracking their progress. Set goals and have methods for achieving and keeping track of your progress. This could be anything from graduating school, earning a promotion, running a marathon, creating your own business, etc..
  6. Challenge Themselves 
    • Girlbosses celebrate wins, both big and small. They know nothing changes if nothing changes and continually challenge themselves to become a better person each and every day. If you want to be powerful, educate yourself. If you want to achieve your goals, challenge yourself. Do things you have no idea how to do. Figure it out. Know that you are both the problem and the solution. Everything great is already inside of us. It’s just up to us to unleash it. Push past your limits and you’ll be suprised at how far you are able to go and all the things you are able to achieve.
  7. Get enough SLEEP each night 
    • The most important tip of them all! This one is huge. I used to think I could stay up all night and wake up just fine, right? Wrong. Studies show that when you don’t get enough sleep, more than just dark circles appear. Here are just a few common symptoms of sleep deprivation: moodiness, weight gain, stress, memory problems, pain complaints, and honestly idk about you, but who has time for that? …..Successful women know the importance of going to sleep early and waking up early.

Okay so I know these are only 7 examples of the many #GIRLBOSS habits to stay on your A-game and there are tons more but what habits did I miss out on? Did I miss anything in the bullet points? Let me know in the comments below! XX






  1. Mally

    Oh my gosh #4 is me. I procrastinate so bad ? This is so motivating! Love your blog!
    I love making list too, it’s about the only way I’ll do what needs to be done lol

    26 . Oct . 2017

      Glad i’m not the only one… Thanks lovie, appreciate the read 😉

      27 . Oct . 2017

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