Beginnings, Growth, Inspired, Perspective / May 5, 2017

808’s & heartbreak..


Lately, I’ve been thinking about inner power and searching within yourself instead of external elements when things in life just aren’t right and it feels like you don’t know how to deal. The first analogy that popped in my head was the feeling you have after a break up and no, for the record I’m not emotional or sad about anything by any means, just thought it could be a relatable point.

I titled this post, 808’s & Heartbreak, because it was an album inspired by an artist when he was suffering a multitude of losses. The inspiration came from trafedies in life feeling like “losing an arm and a leg at the same time and having to find a way to keep walking through it”.  Needless to say, I felt it fitting to center the subject around that concept because whether it’s a loss in your life, a heartbreak or a dramatic situation.. we’ve all been through it. We’ve all felt it. Sometimes the world seems as if it is crashing and burning all around you and there’s no other way to go, but to find your inner strength and keep walking through it.

Everyone knows what I’m writing of, it’s the feeling when your heart is at the bottom of your solar plexus, your thoughts are reckless and unorganized and you feel like a stranger to yourself. It’s heartbreak. It’s probably the closest thing to absolute insanity. But often times when there is heartbreak or hurt or when something goes wrong in life, we tend to lose focus on ourselves and direct that attention and energy on loving what’s lost instead of directing our attention on loving ourselves and the journey we’re on.

I get it, there’s a void and different people have different ways of getting by, different coping mechanisms. Some people like to fill their broken relationships with a new one, others by drinking their issues away, drugs, etc.. Whatever the case, I’m here to say there really is no need. No matter how hard life and/or your situation seems, everything we  need is 100% without a doubt within us. Yes, I said it, the force is within you, que Star Wars….. K nerd moment over. Within ourselves, behind your ego and thought, is who you really are. You’re in touch with your soul and can connect spiritually and on another level with God. The only thing external coping mechanisms do is add up and eventually only dig you deeper into a hole and will always always always come back to bite you where the sun doesn’t shine, it just isn’t worth it.

Show up for yourself and be present in who you are as a person. Be you, undeniably and unapologetically. Set the fire off inside of you. Know that you got the juice. Above all, know that you are exactly who our God designed you to be. Take pride in that. Fall in love with that. Fall in love with yourself. I mean, how absolutely remarkable is it that the Creator of Heaven and Earth felt like the world needed one of you too?

The point I’m making is that no matter how hard life or your relationship seems- it’s never too hard. It’s never hard enough to give up or to retaliate externally. Everyday is a new day to redesign the person you are and fulfill the purpose you’ve been made for. It’s all within 🙂


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