Hi, I’m Drue!

I’m a twenty-something living in Texas who loves brunch, traveling as far and wide as I can, writing to help or inspire others, and meeting new people! Mix in good conversation with great company and I’m a happy girl 😉 God, my family and my friends are my absolute world and I wouldn’t be able to exist without the love and support from each.

I created this website in 2016 as my personal little space to share my thoughts with the world. It began as a blog on the struggles I faced entering a desk-job in the “adult-world” right after college and it has evolved to a beauty blog on “safe” organic + vegan skincare products, to a fashion blog, and now it combines my love for absolutely everything as a lifestyle blog focusing on self-development (my fave), travel, style + beauty as well as entrepreneurship and blogging for an income.

Starting out, I thought I had to pick just one topic to blog about. But I’m more complex than that, I’m interested in everything! Fortunately enough (and despite what some parts of the internet say), it is possible to combine all your interests in one place and still make an income! When I widened my spectrum, I increased my page views from less than 100 a day to about 1,000 in a week! I never thought this was possible for me so I’m here to show you how to get there (in hopefully a shorter time than I did).

I graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi with a B.S.B.A. in Healthcare Marketing where I realized my love for not only health, but business, entrepreneurship, and helping people. I am currently a health consultant and entrepreneur. I have a vegan skincare and nutrition business, an online boutique, and now this blog!

Since the launch, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with brands like Lancome, Lulu’s, BLCK charcoal toothpaste, Ritual, Mint Skincare and a few others to say the least.


I aim to be an advocate of turning dreams into realities. My goal is to show that it is possible to become everything we aspire to become in this life- no matter what we’ve been through, our past experiences, or any other barriers that we “think” hinder us from reaching our potential and becoming everything that we are intended to be. People are 100% my passion and I strive to motivate, inspire, grow and become all that I need to be, to become that person for other people.

Overcome Adversity and Endeavor to Persevere. -Ronald A. Martin

(RIP Pawpaw)

I hope you enjoy your stay.


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