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Catch 23


As far as success, is it just me, orrrrr was anyone else under the impression that a college degree would land them a really good job, more money to afford the things they want and just financial security in general? ……..Wrong. “You (me) thought..”

All throughout life, we are brainwashed to work hard in school, get good grades, go to college, blah blah. We are also brainwashed to believe that if we don’t go to college, we should start practicing how to say, “Would you like ketchup with that?”.

It’s been exactly one year and two days of the first anniversary since I’ve graduated college and I can honestly say nothing has ever been the same. Including my world view. College Drue just had an entirely different perspective of how life would be like post college to the point that the old me would hit the new me with a “new phone, who dis?”.


Go to College they said, get a degree they said, put yourself in debt they…. (didn’t say)

Don’t get me wrong, best time of my life. But did I reaaaaaallly need to go to college to be successful at my job? Did I need to put my self in debt for the next couple years? College is honestly a scam. There are many reasons why, pertaining to:

  • The cost. Who at 18 has at least $40k saved up in their piggy banks? Even working 2 jobs isn’t cutting that.
  • The fact that we aren’t guaranteed to get a job after graduation. This is mainly due to the highly competitive job market of other people who were also sold the “you can be anything you want in life dream” or “go to college and you will be successful” etc. etc..
  • The student loan business (key word-business).
  • The fact that we’re still not really prepared for anything in the “real world”

                                  P.S. I still haven’t used chemistry in real life btw.

It’s a catch 22.

We need to go to college, but college is really expensive, but in order to get a job we need to have a degree…. Oooh look, student loans. Okay I can go to college and pay this back for a quarter of my life then get a mortgage because I can’t pay cash for the majority of my home be cause we’ve been using all of our extra money to loans. Yay for the government owning our soul (insert sarcasm).

I honestly think it’s a way the government increases tax dollars in order to “help” the economy.

“Let’s market the American dream to everyone and tell them can be whatever they want if they go to college, it gets the people going… In return, we have more middle class workers which increases the amount of taxes paid into the economy…” This is the short version, I should really start another blog post just for this subject but that’s a different rant for a different day.

With all that being said, if I could do it again, I’d tell myself, “if you want to be successful” you don’t have to go to college and:

Don’t take advice.

I’m not telling anyone who’s reading this to not take advice ever again, I get it- sometimes we need it. What I mean by writing this is that when it comes to making a big life decision, trust your own instinct. We know exactly what we need to do. We just have to listen to ourselves. Nobody knows our vision like we know our vision so it’s important to stay focused on that and not what everyone else thinks we should do or don’t do. It’s our lives after all, why would we let someone else steer the wheel? This correlates with my next point.

Think for yourself.

Millennial’s are gaining the worst reputation for taking other people’s ideas and making them their own. Presidential election for example… are you really for Trump/Clinton or is your family for Trump/Clinton? Do you actually know what each of them stand for, or is it something you’ve heard and just making it your own opinion. I mean, obviously that’s a very controversial subject but the point is-who actually are we if we’re not thinking for ourselves?

It’s like we adopt the way our parents and grandparents think and make it our own way of thinking. When really, no one else knows our truth like we know our truth and honestly, that same rule applies to whoever started the chain wave of imposing their thoughts down the family line.

Other people’s happiness is important, yours is more important.

It took me a reallllly long time to realize this, but, I have come to understand that if it doesn’t make me happy, I’m not doing it. Point blank.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

I actually read this in the book, “You are a BadA**” by Jen Sincero and it just kinda stuck.  In order to be the best version of yourself, you have to put in the work. Then it’ll be like a domino effect of great things happening in your life. Consistency is key, it makes sense.

You can’t expect to do the wrong things and get the right result.

Basically if you want to be a gymnast and go to the Olympics, you can’t expect yourself to get there by Netflix and Chill with a side of Cheetos or insta-stalking all the other trainee’s on your couch every night. Same rule applies to any other dream/goal you may have.

 Always stay in your lane.

Mind your business. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. You are on a one track route of your own life road trip and worrying about how other people’s lives are going is a complete waste of time. Only exception to this is if someone else has a flat tire on the side of the road and needs help 🙂

You’ve gotta put the past behind you before you can move on. -Forrest Gump’s mama

Everyone has a past. Some pasts are worse than other’s but still, they are all significant. I love to hear people’s stories but it’s when people think they can’t do something because of a situation that has happened to them. Things happen. Always. Unfortunately we have to continue to move past these barriers in order to move on to the next stage of life.


Obviously these are my personal views of what it takes to get through life and be successful. I’m sure I’ll come to more conclusions at 24 (yikes at 24) but for now these are working for me.

If you find yourself reading this and have any points you’d like to share, please comment below. I’m interested in any one else’s opinion on the subject.

Thanks for reading 🙂








  1. J.R.

    “P.S. I still haven’t used chemistry in real life btw.”

    Truest statement ever! Haha

    14 . Dec . 2016
    • Drue Kinler

      Haha…or trigonometry or algebra or…the list goes on. Why didn’t they teach us about financial planning or budgeting or other things that would actually be of some use? A lot of what we learned and paid for is nonsense.

      14 . Dec . 2016
  2. J.R.

    “P.S. I still haven’t used chemistry in real life btw.”

    Truest statement ever! Haha

    14 . Dec . 2016
    • Drue Kinler

      Haha…or trigonometry or algebra or…the list goes on. Why didn’t they teach us about financial planning or budgeting or other things that would actually be of some use? A lot of what we learned and paid for is nonsense.

      14 . Dec . 2016

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