Affiliate income, Blogging, Business, Passive Income / September 7, 2017

How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours

This is a review on a course I bought from Pinterest, “How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in Less than 24 hours using Pinterest”.

As a blogger newb myself, I’m not afraid to take risks (and pay money) to learn a new skill. This course had great advice in marketing yourself on Pinterest that I would NEVER have known prior.

However, the only gap I found was that at the end of the course you’re supposed to be pinning to “group boards” to get these pins noticed.

The problem was, as a newbie-I didn’t know I was supposed to even be apart of a group board.

group board is a board on Pinterest where other bloggers in a similar niche are posting and are basically able to feed into an audience that they don’t already have. This is how your posts get more attention, traffic, and therefore you are able to help solve a problem and someone clicks on your affiliate link.

Although I benefitted greatly from this post, I didn’t know I needed to be in at least one  “group board” before I signed up.

If you’d like to figure out how you can become apart of a group on Pinterest the first step is to join blogging groups on Facebook.

A few that I have joined are:

From there, you will see different collaborations and people willing to let you join their high traffic Pinterest board to increase your traffic and sales. The ones I have stars by are my favorites.

Take a second to look through each group (or just the ones you like) to become familiar with the way they do things. Some offer certain days where they allow promotional material to be broadcasted in the group. You’ll notice that some are asking people to join their group and their to do guest posts-there’s your ticket.

Making money online is simple. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Join Facebook Groups to be in the “know” of Pinterest “Group Boards” (see above)
  2. Sign up here  to implement the strategies learned from “How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in Less than 24-Hours” from this course
  3. Implement Strategies learned in course
  4. See Returns!

Wahlahh! If you have any questions feel free to email me-I’d be more than happy to answer 😉

While you’re here, let me know what struggles and obstacles you’ve faced when trying to monetize your blog. As a blogger newb who finally figured out how to monetize their income, I’m always interested in the hardships other people have gone through!

Best wishes!

P.S. You Can and You Will