Beginnings, Growth, Inspired, Perspective / November 17, 2017

It’s LIT! How to Stay Motivated

Happy 2017!! Although I don’t believe in setting New Year resolutions, the New Year celebration is by far my favorite holiday. Something about starting fresh and celebrating the end and beginning of a new year is enticing to me.

I guess I should explain why I don’t believe in setting New Year resolutions before I write a post on it, right?

Let me clarify, I don’t believe in waiting until the New Year to set your resolutions. Instead, I think it’s important to start working towards something when you think of it. The time is now.

I like to use the New Year as more of a reflection and rebalance to where I’m going. Here are my goals for last year, here’s how far I’ve gotten, here’s what I need to accomplish this year, etc..

With that being said, obviously there are several people who do wait to set their goals for the new year, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is never a bad time to make yourself better, including a New Year. The point of this post is mainly about motivation, staying on track, and smashing your #lifegoals and not just your beginning of the year resolutions.

New Year, New Me….kind’ve.

Did you know 79% of people give up on their new resolutions a week after the new year has begun? A WEEK.

The strength of your motivation is what’s going to keep you afloat or not. After all, it’s the biggest determining factor of whether we follow through with our resolutions and goals.

My analogy of staying motivated is compared to building a fire.

I’m going to use fitness and working out as an example since that is the main goal people pursue at the new year but this works with every goal you are needing motivation for.

Here’s how it works:

You start with a match-you have a little bit of motivation and a small fire burning inside of you to achieve what you have set out for. I guess this is comparable to that feeling you get when you finally had enough and are wanting change and make the first attempt to plan to go to the gym.

You feed that match, or a few, with a few sticks and you start building a small fire-you start changing a few of your habits or show up at the gym each day you planned to that week.

Each day you are adding to the fire­– you keep showing up to the gym, meal prep, surround yourself with people with the same goals, tracking progress, etc..

Each day you show up, your fire grows and it becomes easier to #justdoit. 

Basically, each day or task you do in the direction of your goals builds into a “bonfire” and your desire to keep achieving and showing up for yourself becomes a burning desire. 

However, building this fire works both ways. If you stop feeding it wood (action and stamina) eventually that fire inside of you will go out and you’ll find yourself back at lighting the match a few months later only to repeat the cycle over and over and over again.

Annnnnd ain’t nobody got time for that.

It’s much easier to keep building on to what you have already established versus having to start over again. Besides, you’re really not going anywhere when you keep starting back from square one but digging yourself into deeper holes each time until one day you give up altogether.

The kicker.

Keep doing things that keep you motivated and accountable. For example, for me, the thought of not achieving my goals and staying stagnant is enough of a motivating factor to keep me going. I get desolate when I’m not doing anything with my life, so all I have to do is imagine myself in the same position I’m in now (which isn’t bad at all don’t get me wrong, just not where I want to be just yet) for an extended amount of time and that will kick my butt into action in no time.

Here’s how you can stay motivated and slay all your goals:

Set a Vision for Yourself 

  • This is the fun part. Get creative. Give yourself permission to dream. “If I were in the perfect situation, I would be/do/etc _______”. What do you really want to do/accomplish if it were a perfect world? Then go for it.

Then, set SMART goals.

  • SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Relevant/Realistic, and Timely. 
  • Example: I will lose 50 pounds (specific) by going to the gym (action)  4x a week (measurable) by April 1 (timely). Make sure 50 pounds is within a healthy scope of time to lose.

Track your progress

  • How far have you come? What was accomplished today/this week/this month? What could have been better?
  • Plan a time to track your results. The most successful people measure and track their progress.

Here’s an example, and not so fancy way I track my actions each week:

Tracking fitness goals


  • If you did/didn’t reach your goal, re-evaluate what you are moving towards. Am I still interested in pursuing this goal? If I didn’t reach my goal, how will I next week? 


These are a few examples of keeping your fire LIT and staying motivated to reach every single one of your goals. No matter what progress you make, if you don’t quit, you’ll 100% get to where you’re going.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have ways that you keep the fire burning and stay on top of your goals, please let us know by leaving it in the comments!