Blogging / October 17, 2017

New? Start Here!

Sometimes I want to know more about how my favorite bloggers got to where they are. A “starting here” section lists everything in the order it happened. We all gotta start from somewhere, but sometimes we get stuck thinking things have happened over night. Here’s my story:

It was the beginning of 2016 and I was fresh into my first job out of college in the corporate world and I felt my dreams dying a little more each and every day.

My first post, basically created in a red spiral 70-page notebook of how all my dreams of what adulting would be like were crushed in this post. I knew VERY early on that working in an office was NOT for me. After about a month of venting in a notebook about how I couldn’t possibly “work for the man” for the rest of my life I decided to start a blog.

  • The name started out as “Fresh Paint”, my friend came up with the name because of how fresh paint made everything seem so new. I was out of college starting a new beginning so it seemed fitting.

The post that started everything. This was when I realized who I was and exactly what I wanted of life. As a twenty something, life can be weird and for the most part we don’t actually know anything. Good news is the fun part really is figuring it out-looking back at least 😉

Ahhh, this one was about loving and losing. I went through such a weird time where I didn’t know if I wanted to be with my high school sweetheart. We took a break and about four months after I started talking to a guy who wound up being absolutely bonkers. Whew, that was a close one.

  • It’s all about inner strength and how everything you really need is inside of you. I was in such a bad spot when I wrote this. It was at a time after the break-up of a century. I wound up fleeing town for a promotion out of Dallas, Texas and was in a bad spot until I wrote this and “like, realized” as Kylie likes to say.

Here’s where I learned that life is about the journey, not the destination and to love life at every moment-even if it’s not perfect. Scratch that, especially if it’s not perfect.

The post that went “viral”…. okay or viral for me at that point. It was the most shares I ever received on Facebook and views based on Google Analytics.

More misconceptions about a college degree can be found here…. sorry not sorry 😛

Ever thought you were capable of achieving more? That you were existing rather than living? This one is for you! This was also my first guess post !! To say I was over the moon about someone actually wanting to post MY writing?? Me??? So over the moon, I celebrated with vegan ice cream 😉

I’m all about personal development and tracking my progress toward my goals. I love setting goals but I love scratching them off even more 😉 Cheers to ending 2016 and bringing in a new year!

Wrapping up 23 and bringing in 24-this is what I’ve learned so far as a twenty something.

A post dedicated to the good, the bad, and the ugly! & being thankful for everything in-between. My life really started to change when I adopted a grateful heart.

We’re moving forward and things are really starting to look up – the most shares I’ever received were on this post about moving past the hurdles in life and going after what you really want.

I started to get into organic beauty blogging and received my first free products! You can check out my first collab here and then here’s another one 😉

I’ve always loved a good boss babe, extra cheers to women doing their thang <3

Here’s where I fell even more in love with Organic Beauty + Nutrition and became a Vegan Health Coach.

You’re in control of every aspect of your life.

Exactly one year away from home so of course I had to write about it 😉 Here’s what I learned and loved.

I got into affiliate marketing and tried to teach all my frandz how they can make an income doing the same.

The mistakes I learned the hard way in affiliate marketing, oops.

Yay, my first sales in affiliate marketing for all my hard work! It IS possible!


I couldn’t imagine what life would be like my little happy place that I call a blog, I am so thankful for t