Lifestyle, Natural, Reviews / November 10, 2017

Stop and Smell the Candles

If you love candles and you love subscription boxes, this post is seriously made for you.

Okay, so if you haven’t heard of Vellabox, they are an Artisan Candle Subscription box that prides themselves on being non-toxic, lead-free, and hand poured from the best companies in the country.

Just when you think people couldn’t get more creative, right? I mean a candle-subscription box is legitimately the answer to all my prayers.

Speaking of creative, they were recently featured on BuzzFeed’s, “29 Things You didn’t know you could subscribe to”.

But really, who doesn’t love candles?

If you’re anything like me and can never have too many candles in your home you’re gonna love Vellabox! I’m the type that has a candle (or multiple) in every room of my apartment. No shame though, right? Being so far from most of my family and friends, I want my apartment to feel as “home-y” as possible so candles are always my go-to.

I’m also the type that’s so easy to buy for: cute notebooks, coffee mugs, picture frames, or (yep, you guessed it) candles. I’m not sure if that makes me basic, but seriously you can’t have enough of any of those.

The 411:

I got my Vellabox in last Friday, and for one, it was in the cutest packaging with a sweet little surprise that has become my new addiction, two little sweet treats from Belgian Boys. Do you like waffle cones? This was basically a waffle cone caramel treat that was flat- sounds weird, but you’ve got to look them up and try.

The candle was from Ting Tong Tavy out of San Francisco in the scent, Black Currant Tea. Each candle is hand wrapped and stamped before sending out which I think is huge. Now that most people shop online, it’s important to still create an experience as if you were shopping in-store.

My Vellabox came in this with a nice quote that is currently on my fridge.

Not to mention the smell was divine! I saw a review on their site that seriously sums it up quite nicely,

Like a snowy day wrapped you in a cashmere blanket and handed you a warm cup filled with the imminence of joys to come and the nostalgia of pleasures past. Bliss, inspiration, and luxury in one.

Talk about a nice smelling candle, It’s really the perfect seasonal scent.

There are three packages:

Lucerna: $10 month
One 4oz Candle
Approximately 25 Hours Burning Time
One Fun Surprise

Ignis: $20 per month
One 8oz Candle
Approximately 50 Hours burning time
One Fun Surprise

Vivere: $30 per month
Featured 4oz Candle + 8oz Candle
Approximately 75 Hours Burn Time
One Fun Surprise

But wait, it gets better….

I think the coolest part about Vellabox is that you are able to gift any one of the above packages and surprise your friends month after month with 3,6, and 12-month options at an amazing price!

Like I said, it’s the same packages from above except instead of free shipping it’s $2. I plan on getting this as a gift for some of my girlfriends for Christmas that will keep surprising them until March. Plus, $30 as the cheapest option? You can’t beat it.

What’s not to love?

I’m loving my Vellabox so far, not to mention the customer service is great! Look how sweet this little note was 🙂 It’s little things like getting candles, sweet surprises, and hand-written notes that can really make your day!

As always, thanks for reading! Check out Vellabox and let me know what you think!

What are some of your favorite holiday/seasonal scents? Have you ever ordered from Vellabox? If you do, let me know how you love it in the comments/email!