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The Arbonne Vibe

Have you ever walked into a room and can just feeeeel the energy? It’ like you’re happy on the inside and are just in a grand ol mood for no reason. It’s weird, but cool at the same time. 

That’s exactly how I felt tonight when I caught myself cheering on complete strangers as if they were my family within the first twenty minutes of sitting down at my first Arbonne meeting. 

Before I talk about how AMAZING this experience was, let me just say that selling products for someone else always seemed so weird to me. Like, yes. I get it, you quit your job and brought your husband home. That’s really really great, truly. But something in me thought, “Why would I sell products for someone else’s empire when I can work just as hard and create/build my own?”. When in reality, I really just didn’t find something that aligned with my values and interests like Arbonne has (btw, this is not to put down on any other brands-different strokes for different folks). And secondly, no. Before you stop reading here, I’m not trying to sell you anything. I’m not an Arbonne Consultant nor do I have an Arbonne business.. yet

My main point for writing this is really just to talk about the great experience I had tonight that I did not see coming. 

To start, I honestly thought about bailing. Work sucked today. I haven’t slept more than 5 hours each night for 5 days running now (I need a good 8-10). I was starving and already face first into a spring salad when I got the, “I’m parked by _____” text when I realized I forgot all about the meeting. With all of that being said, I was about to send the “cough cough, I can’t.. I’m.. sick” text (yes, Mean Girls quote, couldn’t resist) and on a whim decided not to and to just follow through with my obligations for once. I grabbed the blazer I wore to work, put my heels back on, grabbed my bowl of salad and shot for the door. 

Wowza. Can I just say, I am so glad I did. 

It was like walking into a room bursting with happiness. I know, that sounds weird. But I swear, if you can feel happiness on the outside (maybe that’s called a vibe? idk) then that’s exactly how an Arbonne meeting feels. 

I walked into this overcrowded room filled with maybe 75 women, give or take a few men, who are getting promoted and recognized for amazing things, helping people.  

It’s especially great when you realize that half the room is in the front and have been promoted to new positions, earned new bonuses, are quitting their day jobs and building businesses overseas. Then you’re like okkkaaaay, even though there were some men, you realize you are surrounded by #girlbosses and are literally almost the only one who doesn’t drive a Mercedes. Literally. No exaggeration. 

I fell in love with Arbonne because it is everything I love about life, beauty, wellness, people, and products all in one business. All BS aside, I almost don’t recognize the words that I’m typing to be my own. I swear, I am a skeptic about almost everything. This, not so much. 

For me, it’s almost as if everything I’ve written in my prayer journal the last 5 months was answered in Deanna and Peyton’s speeches. Actually, now that I think about it, everything was answered. I just went through and checked. 

Here are a few:

For one, I am extremely passionate about helping and inspiring women to empower each other, to be confident and be our best selves. Always have been. Its part of the reason I joined Kappa Delta Sorority in 2011 (one of our philanthropies is Confidence Coalition in Women the other reason is because our other philanthropy is PCAA-Prevent Child Abuse America and then another reason was because our house at Mississippi State was AMAZING #sorrynotsorry). Confidence changes everything. It’s something my dad has taught me since I was a young girl that has made a world of difference in my life. Dad, if you’re reading this, cue passing the Superdome (idk why the superdome tbh but he’d bring it up) and the talk about the difference between Confidence and Conceit. I’ve heard it time and time again which brought me to raising my own fund to still be able to support the cause about two months ago. The link is here if you’re interested in donating 😉 

–> Well, Arbonne takes it to the next level with ACF to help empower the next GENERATION (not just women) to live confidently. Check it out here if you’re interested. 

Secondly, I’ve been receiving products for free in return for reviewing them on this website and on social media-I’m still trying to catch up, so there’s not many posted at the moment but back to the point, my only rule is that I actually believe in the product and have actually seen results with. My other rules are that I don’t test or review products that aren’t either vegan, natural, environmentally safe, organic or most importantly, NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. 

–> Which is great beacause turns out, Arbonne’s slogan is actually, “Pure, Safe, Beneficial” and are all natural vegan products that are safe and most importantly, NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!  They go by the UK’s beauty regulations because apparently, the US doesn’t require as much to be considered safe. Interestingly enough, it really makes you think of what’s allowable by our FDA..  Hmm. 

Lastly, these women are showing that it IS possible to live the life you want. You don’t have to settle for what life gives you. I always talk to my friends and family about life design and creating the life you want and I honestly think they all think I’m crazy. Maybe so.. But these people are proof. Other people are doing it and they don’t have any magical superpowers. So there’s no reason anyone else can’t. 

Literally with every person who stood up and walked to the front because they were either promoted, recognized or earned their Mercedes tonight, I told myself, OK I can do this. They can do it, I can do it… They are all normal people. I got this. 

This business has been around for 37 years. It’s actually not a scheme like I thought they all were. You don’t have to settle for something you don’t completely love for the rest of your life, only to retire broker than you were! 

Deanna, for example, is a Physician’s Assistant who left her job in Corporate America 15 years ago because her Arbonne salary replaced her already 6 figure salary. Peyton, now 21, spoke about how she started her Arbonne business when she was 19 in her dorm room and was just promoted to be making a baseline of 25k per month. Btw, homegirl is still in college… with no debt. 

Even crazier, that’s not even to talk about all of the other amazing people’s success stories that I wasn’t able to hear. Meaning, everyone that was standing in the front of the room. Which, was literally 3/4 of the audience. 

I’ll say it again, I was skeptical. But it was weird because the moment I sat on the floor (no chairs left) I was so interested, surprisingly. I didn’t hate it like I thought I would. I thought to myself, holy crap.. “am I actually enjoying this??” and then by the end, I was like, “Yepp. Ok, in love. I love Arbonne. It’s official, time to make it FBO” lol. 

Again, I know ^^ so weird. But seriously, so true. 

I swear it’s like God answered everything from my prayer journal from the past 5 months and aligned it with my values. It was surreal and amazing. It was exactly what I’ve been praying for. It reminded me again how much I love Jeremiah 29:11 and Mathew 7:7, my two favorite bible verses. 

Okay, I just noticed I’m 1200 words in and have rambled about arbonne like a crazy fan girl. But like I said, the experience was amazing. I left rambling more and more about the energy to the girl who invited me to the point where it was probably annoying. Like I said before, I’m not a consultant for Arbonne. Although I love what they stand for, I want to try the products first before I go head first into a business on just a feeling. I still want to pray more about it to make sure it’s the right fit. My only point in writing this is to 1. Talk about one of the most inspiring experiences of my life 2. Write about how amazing God works when you’re listening to his signs and open to opportunites and 3. To see how many times I can use the word, “amazing”, in one blog post. 

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend checking out one of these meetings. I promise it won’t be something you want to miss 😉