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The Scoop on the 30 Day Challenge by Arbonne

Choose to be Healthy by Prevention  

For anyone like me who may be a total geek and like to know the exact WHAT and HOW of things and WHY they work, look no further for the scoop on Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living challenge. Bt dubbs, the challenge is all in the name… 

Annnd that means??: 

When a car gets an oil change, isn’t the old oil cleaned out before the new stuff is replaced? Well, just like an engine needs a good cleaning and quality oil for proper function, so do our bodies with a good detox and quality nutrients to work optimally. So, because the detox cleans your body from your esophagus down to your intestines, it: 

  1. Kickstarts a healthier lifestyle by-
  2. Helping you shed pounds you’ve been DYING to lose forever but haven’t been able to because of the toxins in your body holding on to waste instead of nutrients 

What this does NOT mean: 

K so if you’re looking for a fad diet to shed a few pounds before your summer beach vaycay in Cabo (or Destin), this is not for you. In a fad diet, you spend loads of money for nothing or for something that is not sustainable. I mean, you can see how long you can keep up the apple and cheese cube thing but I think I’ll pass. 

What I LOVE about this challenge/product/detox whatever you wanna call it, is that it is looking long term. It’s helping you get rid of those toxins and pounds that kickstart your journey to your #goals, help you maintain the weight you lose, and teaches you about how these nutrients work in your body so that you can know how to make better choices (and feel absolutely freaking incredible) even after the challenge is over. Teaching someone how to fish vs. catching the actual fish for them goes a long way, ESPECIALLY in healthcare. This is also known as prevention health vs. treatment (aka hella expensive). 

Here’s a background of the company in case you haven’t heard of Arbonne before: 

Arbonne is a European based company with Skincare, Makeup, and Nutrition products that are all vegan and cruelty-free, soy, gluten and dairy free, as well as kosher. Since Arbonne is a European company, they are held at European guidelines which are more strict than American guidelines as to the types of chemicals and additives that are able to be present in products and still considered safe. This is seriously a big LOL to me, haha like, “Thanks America, but can our food go through Europe too?”. 

The product: 

Our food industry includes several additives and preservatives in basically all the products found at the grocery store. These things are extremely toxic to our body but we become addicted to them. 

The 30 days to Healthy Living Detox strays you away from that addiction (30 days to beat a habit sound familiar??) and coaches you the entire 30 days so that you are more apt to understand how the elements (minerals and nutrients) work in your body and are able to build a sustainable lifestyle and move forward with your weight-loss goals. 



How does it help and What’s the process?

  1. Starts with eliminating toxins from your liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin
  2. Fiber Boost acts as a sponge by picking up toxins, cholesterol, and fats 
  3. Digestion Plus comes in and is able to clean from the esophagus down while adding digestive enzymes into the stomach and clean up the large and small intestines 

While on the detox:

  • ADD healthy fruits and vegs, good carbs, good fats, and antibiotic/hormone free proteins 
  • ADD our plant based protein shake made out of vegan proteins to support body with essential vitamins that the body is actually able to break down 
  • EAT small frequent meals/snacks which will in turn increase metabolism and automatically help your body with portion control 
  • The program DECREASES acidity and INCREASES alkalinity. This leads to lower disease/colds and less inflammation and bloating
  • It also DECREASES toxins in the adipose (aka fat) tissue. Where is the most fat tissue stored? The stomach, hip, and thigh region! (esp in women)
    • The detox shrinks fat cells (side note: once you create them, they can’t be destroyed = another reason to live a healthier lifestyle) and the cells that form cellulite to reduce the appearance and formation of new dreadful dimples.  

Here’s what you get and how it works in the body: 

  1. Protein Shake Mix (2 Bags Vanilla and Chocolate) 
    • Plant based protein (20 grams per serving/2 scoops)
    • Contain vitamins, minerals, flax seed, botanicals 
    • Enough to keep you feeling satisfied
    • Low glycemic/sugar to avoid rapid increases in blood glucose
    • No cholesterol or Trans Fat (bad fats) 
  2. Daily Fiber Boost 
    • 95% of Americans don’t get enough fiber in a day (25 grams per day)
    • This provides 12 grams 
    • Can be added to hot or cold foods, drinks, or baked goods (really good in smoothies to kill two birds with one stone)
  3. 7 day Body Cleanse 
    • Gently flushes toxins from the body 
    • Targeted ingredients to support detoxification and support of the liver (a critical cleansing organ) 
      • Silymarin from milk thistle 
        • Which also supports overall gastrointestinal health 
    • Mild flavor 
    • No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners 
  4. Herbal Detox Tea 
    • Caffeine-free 
    • 9 Botanical Ingredients that support the Liver and Kidneys 
    • Fights free radicals 
    • Hydration supports toxin elimination 
    • Helps with water weight 
  5. Energy Fizz Sticks aka FIZZIES 
    • Basically the cutest (and safest) energy drink you’ll ever consume 
      • Side note: I’m actually really dumb and didn’t put two and two together. These suckers actually fizz and I basically kinda love it 
    • Support energy with vitamins and botanicals 
    • B Vitamins support energy yielding metabolism
    • ONLY 13 calories per serving (Pomegranate is my fave) 
    • Less than 1g of Sugar
    • No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners 
  6. Digestion Plus 
    • Add to any cold or room temperature liquid 
    • Prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes help support optimal digestive health 
    • Supports proper digestion of dietary macronutrients 
    • Supports gastrointestinal balance 

Let me just say, I know two shakes a day may seem a bit much, BUT here’s the kicker: 

  1. It’s not just these basic vanilla or chocolate shakes. They’re actually good. I made one that was called “Pretty in Pink”, a recipe the group provided me, that had strawberries and raspberries, almond/coconut milk, of course the Arbonne vanilla protein powder, fiber boost, digestion plus, and ice and let me just say…. holy goodness. See ya Smoothie King, it’s been real. There’s a huge list of smoothie ideas that are cheap, quick, and still according to detox. 
    • I’m trying these next: Vanilla Chai, Peanut Butter, Almond Joy, Cinna-Bun, Chocolate Mocha Coffee, Fuzzy Peach, and Orange Creamsicle… 
  2. It’s only for 30 days. It’s not like you’re expected to drink these shakes for the rest of your life to stay healthy. Anyone can do something for 30 days, especially if they want it bad enough.
  3. You can do the detox as much as you want, but it’s more beneficial to actually learn best practices of nutrition in which this program will teach you. You can also purchase your favorites from the cleanse or other nutritional products if you like to sustain you on your healthy living lifestyle which is especially amazing. It’s not a one and done. It’s the caviar on top of the toast! 
  4. Plus, you are literally going to feel AMAZING!! Not one person in the history of this challenge has ever not felt like a billion bucks after its duration. Google it. 

So, whatcha waiting for? It’s never too late. I’ll be doing this for life so if you have any questions, feel free to text/call/email me whenever. 

Also, if you’re interested in finding out how I’m literally almost in qualifications for District Manager with Arbonne in my first week (#yeslawd), please get in touch with me! I’m not sure if I’m supposed to share this or not, but it’s so worth it. I made half my money back in the first two days!! This could be you but you playin’…. NETFLIX netflix lily tomlin jane fonda grace and frankie GIF


If you’d like to order your cleanse, click here and/or contact me to see how you can save 40% and get free shipping.