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The Worst Part About “Adult-ing” is Having to Wait All Day for Nap Time

PSA: This is post was written a bit ago, but was too nervous to post. Guessing I grew some goonies over the last month? Anyway, here’s what I think about adulting..

It is my 6th day in this office of my first “big girl” job and it is not what I expected. I wake up at 6 am every morning, I come to work for 8, and I sit and look at the clock and count down the hours until it is 5’clock. Then, I sit here and think.. “Is this really my life for the next 43 years?”

Which gets me to thinking, are people actually happy doing something like this? For their ENTIRE lives?! Or is it that people find happiness in what they are doing?

Maybe they’ve given up on their dreams, and this is what they got “stuck” in. Maybe they didn’t have any dreams? Maybe they had dreams but didn’t know how to reach them? Maybe they still have dreams and are doing what they have to do now and working towards them?

For the people who may find happiness in what they are doing, is that real happiness? Are those the people who accept the “mind over matter” philosophy?  Is it the mindset that life is “all about perspective” and how you look at things, so you choose to be happy in the situation you are in?

The question I’m wondering is, “Is it settling when you don’t go after what you actually want to do or is that ‘just life’?

Is ‘just life’ getting by paycheck to paycheck while wishing away your weeks waiting for the weekend?

If a person is actually in control of their life then why spend it doing something you have no interest in?

I guess it just depends on what you want in life. If you have no goals, no aspirations, no ambitions, maybe finding joy in something you’ve never seen yourself doing is what you have to do to be happy- or to get by.

But what about the people who have a vision of something more? Are they the crazy ones? The “dreamers” as the kids are saying these days?

I mean… Maybe? I believe you gotta be a little crazy to take a huge risk and change the way you live because of a dream. If you build the life you want- that comes with risks, chances, un-sureness, etc. But, if you really believe you can do it, then isn’t it all worth it? Maybe that is a little crazy, idk. I probably annoy the crap out of my friends, but I always say,”You have one life. Why live it working your tail off to make someone else rich?”

I also believe if you are a hard worker and you have goals, why work hard for someone else when you can work that hard, or harder building the life, career, etc. that you actually want.

I read something once… aka Twitter… that said, “The hardest battle you will ever fight is with who you are now and who you want to become”.  I 100% agree. People are going to tell you to be more “realistic”, that it’s not the best idea, blah blah the list goes on. Point is, most people really don’t want to see you succeed and when you talk about these things they are secretly in the back of their mind hoping or automatically thinking it won’t work out.

An old friend once gave me this analogy comparing traveling and dreams:

You wouldn’t get it unless you’ve done it. It’s like how you feel about traveling. Once you see the world and explore, it’s like falling in love. You go places, you make memories. I would compare it to the way I feel about you. Once you see or feel those things it changes you. You don’t just go on one amazing trip, come home, and be like ‘k done’.

I’m not trying to intimidate you, but no, these people close to you-they won’t understand. They may be mad at the moment but they will get over it. And when they do see you, and they see how happy you are, I promise they will eventually understand.”

And he couldn’t be more right. No one understands what you want, but you. No one feels the way you feel, but you. It would be like telling somebody to love your boyfriend because you love your boyfriend.. No one else is going to have those same feelings, and you wouldn’t want them to….amiright?

Anyway, sometimes I feel a little headstrong but I am also completely afraid to settle for something/anything I know just doesn’t feel right. “What you keep in front of you, you’re moving toward.” ( Joel Olsteen, You Can and You Will) But it’s only to keep myself going when everyone’s telling me it’s not a good idea, I need to be more “realistic”, etc.. I know there’s some kind of fire I feel, a vision of how I want my life to be and something that tells me to keep pushing, despite all odds. I know I sound corny, whatever. But I’d like to think It’s a vision that God sets in each person. Everyone has something different, and it’s wether you decide to go for it or not. I don’t think it’s supposed to be something easy, there’s a lot of obstacles for sure. The hardest for most is what people have to say. But we’re not here to please the people, we’re here to please God and bring glory to God. So it’s okay when people say it’s not the right idea (side note: there is no right and wrong-if you do what makes you happy, treat people right, and have the best intentions then you’re solid in my book). I also believe your heart will never lie to you, so if it feels right- do it.

In your world, who’s to say you are wrong. You make your own rules.

Side note: I love my job. The point here isn’t complaining or saying I’m unhappy with my job by any means.




Here James Clear writes about reinventing yourself, very much worth the read:

How to Chase Your Dreams and Reinvent Yourself

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  1. nickmartin23yahoocom

    I absolutely agree Drue. And very well written and thought out. I believe your blog captures the feelings, hopes, and even frustration that so many of us feel while living life. Unfortunately to many, “living life” are the wrong words. Maybe existing through life is better suited to explain most of our existence. We are truly complex beings bcuz we fear change but complain often, way too often, that we are bored. We are by nature dynamic beings, but so many of us either choose or settle for complacency. I think you are correct that some of us fall into the trap of having no choice but to plow through the mundane work week. Hope is a word that has been lost for so many as well. It has been recorded that in survival situations people that give up their hope of rescue often die the quickest compared to those staying optimistic about rescue. So your mention of how we perceive situations definitely has an impact on us. I think one of the things I have always admired about you, is your ambition. That innate drive you have to quench your thirst for the experience. Remember what you and I discussed this morning. Its not the richest or strongest person who is successful. Its the person that learns to adapt to the changes and fluctuations to their world. This has always been the rubric for a successful person or even a species. Great post Drue!

    19 . Apr . 2016
    • Drue Kinler

      Another huge fear, to exist rather than live. It’s crazy to think we only have (maybe) 100 years. Then what? That’s where hope and faith keep us going. But that’s another subject 🙂 thanks for taking the time to read..

      19 . Apr . 2016

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