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ZOCO Stylist and Boutique

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ZOCO Stylist & Boutique, Sheridan T. Bullard

Last week I was able to meet (and by meet, I mean Facetime) with one of my long-time bestie girls and fellow fashionistas on the opening of her new store, ZOCO which just opened in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Sheridan and I met during my interview at a trendy boutique in South Mississippi in 2012 and instantly clicked. We both shared the same style, love for fashion, and girl crush-Rachel Zoe (ummm, tell me your girl crush so I know it’s real? lolol) and the rest has been history!

When starting this blog, I wanted to integrate fashion, local and inspiring all in one category which brought me to the idea of talking with small business owners in the fashion industry who were able to turn their dreams into a reality. And who better to be my first “interviewee” than one of my very best friends?! Helloooo. 

Honestly, no matter how sus this sounds, there really is something so inspiring about women who are able to take the road less traveled, less realistic (yep, still hate that word), and less normal to turn something they feel in their heart into a reality. It really shows that no dream is ever too big, no matter the circumstances. 

K, cheese fest over. Here’s a short behind the scenes to Sheridan’s passion for fashion that brought ZOCO Stylist & Boutique to life: 

Sheridan Thigpen Bullard, 25 years old, realized she wanted to be in the fashion industry at the age of 16 and finally made that dream a reality when her grand opening of ZOCO Stylist and Boutique premiered April of 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama. Sher and her husband Jake were able to turn the remains of a fro-yo bar into a beautifully curated high-end boutique in a matter of months. 

When did you come to the realization that you wanted to start your own store?

I always knew [I was] going to do something in fashion. It was when I started college that I narrowed it down to owning my own store. I wanted to create a place for “easy shopping”, meaning that I would take the hassle out of shopping for you.

How did you try to set ZOCO apart from other boutiques? 

I wanted different types of females to feel like I handpicked items just for them. I love when a group of friends with different personalities, body types, and lifestyles can all shop together at ZOCO. I starve to find unique brands that not every store carries to set ZOCO apart from other boutiques and give each shopper the most unique shopping experience possible. 

What can’t you get enough of this season?
Cropped Jumpsuits, Statement earrings & the color SAGE!

Is there any advice you would give to aspiring fashionistas/entrepreneurs?

Don’t let anyone or anything discourage you from your dreams. Educate yourself to the maximum and find out every detail imaginable about what goal you are trying to reach. The more information you have, the less unexpected bumps you’ll have on your journey.


So so proud of you and can’t wait to see all that you and ZOCO accomplish in the future! 

New clients are currently getting 10% off their first order and a newsletter with this season’s hottest trends for a limited time. Click the pink link to find out more behind ZOCO and shop the new from their Spring arrivals. 

All photos from this page were taken directly from the website and are direct links to the items. 

Also, check ZOCO out on Instagram at @ShopZOCOboutique

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